Thursday, June 16, 2011

The latest...

     Time gets the best of goes by so quickly, yet so slowly...all at the same time. Hm. Well, I'm back, and hoping to make up for my lack of postings the past few weeks! :-) I went to a surprise birthday party a few weeks ago for one of my classmates and here is what I needed a little work, but with practice maybe I can sell them in the future! ;-) Ah, here begins the brainstorming process of potential business opportunites...

What to do with all this fruit?!
...make an edible fruit & vegetable bouquet!

All the ladies at Dani's Surprise Party! :-)
     This goes back to the Raw Food section of my program. Here I am with my instructor, Alicia, and my very own homegrown wheatgrass! How domestic, right?! :-) Just one ounce of wheat grass is equal to over 2 lbs of fruits and vegetables!! Wowza! It is also helps rid the body of harmful toxins. So just have to start sprouting and growing winter wheat berries!

Taking shots of wheatgrass - can you tell our skin is simply glowing?
     My culinary program is nearing the end. Our last day of cooking was today... bitter-sweet... well, mostly sweet since today was full of desserts! ;-) Honestly though, I couldn't be more pleased that I took this step to pursue one of my heart's desires (a desire that was perfectly planted by God...for more reasons than I presently realize, I'm sure). :-)

     The next couple of months will be spent completing my externship hours. I've chosen two locations to invest my time. One is a chef's academy for young children where I will help assist and teach children how to cook whether it be during birthday parties, scout's field trips, or one of the many themed camps. I'm really looking forward to being in this environment to bring out my inner-teacher and to bring joy to a child's heart through cooking. The other location is a raw food business where I will be assisting in producing their raw food products. Both experiences should be fantastic! Stay tuned for what becomes of these experiences and where my little footprint goes next...

     Blessings on your health...Katie

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