Sunday, May 1, 2011

"May" you be well this spring!

     Happy May - perhaps you noticed my reference to the new month in my subject heading! Or "may"be I'm just corny sometimes! :-) I hope you enjoyed the last week of April to the fullest! I sure did! We had a fantastic week in my little culinary world - making flatbreads, Indian & Mediterranean Cuisine, party foods, and learning the production processes of tempura, miso, natto, seitan, & kinpira! Phenomenal moments of learning...and many more ahead!

     Inspiring individuals...what a great group I get to hang out with everyday! :-)

A fun food-filled day! :-)

      The curriculum the past month has been focused on the philosophy of Macrobiotics - the study of living a great, healthy, and long life! It's been inspirational and I've been doing my best to take my own personal steps to living a healthier life. I'd like to share with you a few steps Microbiotics highlights...

"May" we step together toward greater health!

1. Sit down to eat regular meals everyday - this stabilizes blood sugar, decreases stress on organs, improves digestion, and decreases cravings.
2. Eat slowly and chew your food - prevents overeating and increases satisfaction.
3. STOP eating 3 hours before bedtime - improves sleep, allows the body to rest, clean, and repair itself...this is a very important step - personally, I'm specifically working on this one! Give your body the rest it needs from the digestion of food!
4. Eat WHOLE grains, whole grain products, and vegetable dishes at every meal!
5. Eat a variety - beans, vegetables, grains, tofu, tempeh, fish, nuts, seeds, healthy snacks.
6. Have 1-2 bowls of soup everyday (examples - miso, vegetable, grain soups) - improves digestion and circulation.
7. Enjoy a Daily Body Scrub - cleans the skin and activates circulation/energy! This particular link goes very indepth, but don't be scared -it's an easy process - it's actually pretty quick and very refreshing! I like it! :-)
8. Walk/Exercise 30 minutes every day - improves digestion, energy, heart health, bones, clarity, etc.
9. Wear pure cotton - harmonizes imbalances in the body.
10. Surround yourself with green plants! This encourages bright and positive energy!

Enjoy this new week we have been blessed with!

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