Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunshine in the Rain!

      Yes, we finally got rain here in Austin last week - we needed it! Perhaps not during the best time for me and Alison, my bike riding buddy, though! We were 10 minutes into our ride to school when it started to DOWN POUR on us! Yikes - I could barely see! After turning back around to head home (so we could drive my car to school), we were soaked to the bone...including my phone! Ah, well... We had some good laughs and considered it a symbol of being showered with blessings in the upcoming days! :-)

Still smiling though... :-)

     We learned how to make naturally-leavened breads this week - such a neat learning process. Who knows - maybe I'll start my own bakery! :-) It really was fascinating to learn and I hope to make some fresh loaves of bread in the upcoming weeks...stay tuned!

     What better way to start a Saturday morning off than a special breakfast with friends?! I made these two "French" toast (so simple - dip your choice of bread in a blended mixture of 1 cup non-dairy milk, 1 banana, and spices to taste - so yummy - and grill until cooked), Rainbow Chard & Leek Saute, and the little patties are Veggie Morningstar patties.

Lovely Roommate of mine :-)

Matt described the Rainbow Saute as "Friendly!"
It is full of such friendly-good-for-you ingredients! :-)
     Be creative this week with your eating plan! May you all be well....hugs!

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