Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin' Saucy?!

     It's official...I am now coming home smelling like garlic and onions. It's not necessarily the worst scent one could wear - but I would at least choose a different perfume for a date. :-)

     Sauces have been our scope the past two days. From traditional sauces (bechamel, veloute, brown sauce, tomato, hollandaise) to vegetarian sauces (vegan bechamel, vegetarian demi-glace, wild mushroom jus, vegan hollandaise), all serve the purpose to provide desired moisture, texture, flavor, richness, contrast, interest, shine, and taste to a particular dish.

     My group made the Mushroom Jus with shitake and cremini mushrooms. I might have made a few "whoopsies" but it's all in the learning experience! My fellow chefs were gracious and the sauce turned out wonderful anyway! The instructor and assistants had made some prior preparations so we could plate the sauces and enjoy our creations for lunch. I may have to adjust my breakfast to a smaller portion...I was full after eating this scrumptious meal!

Here we have a spinach salad tossed in salsa verde with walnuts and tarragon; roasted butternut squash over a vegetarian demi-glace; slices of grilled portabello mushroom; and risotto drizzled with a red pepper coulis.

Beautiful, yes? We have been encouraged to work on the presentation of our food even at home for ourselves. I need to practice...when one is simply cooking for herself, it's easy to just put it on the plate and eat it up. We all deserve a nice presentation placed before us as we dine. That is my goal for this week - to pretend I am serving a queen at her palace...in this case, I get to be queen! :-)

Be well!


  1. Katie -- You sound like a chef! "Here we have a spinach salad tossed in a salsa verde..."

    Everything looks great! :) It's so fun to follow what you're up to!

  2. Aw thanks Sterling! :-) Thanks for following - you're so suppportive! Love ya

  3. Every time I read your blog I am struck by how mature you sound. It is awesome to see my "little" sister sounding so professional. Not only that but sounding and writing like she is truly enjoying her life.

    Yes, I am writing this at 2:20am. Puppies needed to eat.

  4. You are amazing. Simply amazing.