Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How many chews?

...the answer to yesterday's question - how many times should you chew each bite for the body to absorb the optimal amount of nutrients from the food?

                                32 bites/chew!
Were you close?!

KNIFE SKILLS!!! Today I learned how to properly chop a carrot, potato, orange, honeydew melon, and an onion. Precise concentration was involved - it is important to have uniformity in your chopped goods as presentation will be optimal and each piece will cook evenly. I'm planning on picking up a large bag of potatoes and carrots tomorrow and practicing my new found skills. :-)

I'll be more detailed later this week...it's getting late ~ this chef has to have her beauty rest to outweigh the goofy look in the chef's uniform!

Eat well & be well...

1 comment:

  1. As a graduation present, you should be treated to a tailored chef uniform! Nonetheless, you look adorable - even with the goofy hat!