Friday, March 11, 2011

Counting it all joy...

     Transportation is just not my thing - I've had some tire issues in my recent days. On Wednesday after school, I asked another student to pump up my bike tire before I headed back home. Well, a little bit more than the pump came out when removing it from the tire causing the tire to lose air immediately. So I walked to the bike shop down the road to get it repaired and then started on my bike ride back home. Thirty minutes into the ride - yep, the tire went flat again. After hitting up the bus for a 2 mile ride, I then walked myself and my flat-tired bike home for another 2 miles. I tell this story to encourage you to laugh at funny moments in life and to remain positive. It was just a bike tire and it gave me a few extra "steps" for the day. :-) Try to find the joy in all the little hiccups life has to offer... "count it all joy" - James 1:2-4.

     As for food, this week has presented TOO many sweets & treats...and not all dairy-free at that! Yikes...and of course I am required to taste everything...not really, but I do. I want the full experience. However, one bite of everything sure does add up. Biscuits, scones, souffles, empanadas, samosas, quiche, vegan pot pie, spanikopitas, cookies, brownies, a nut shell (or in a pie crust ;-)), it has been a rich week of food intake. But I am in culinary school, so what should I expect, right? It's not very often you are presented with the opportunity to partake in fancy & delicious food free of cost...just kidding on that free of cost part. :-)

     At my sister's request, I have posted pictures with me in them! I'm at the mercy of my classmates for photos as I do not have a camera at the due time though...

Saying "I love you" with a Parmesan Rosemary Biscuit!

My cooking buddy for the day, John, and our cheddar thyme scones!

     We also had the treat to learn from a gluten-free baker the past two days. Karen Morgan at Blackbird Bakery is quite talented at what she does. She made so many different treats for us to enjoy and all were gluten-free friendly (not vegan though, that is for sure)! A lot of eggs and dairy are used in the recipes, but what she does truly comes down to chemistry - it is absolutely fascinating! Karen has definitely found her niche and I am very much looking forward to finding my niche in this journey as well. :-)

     What are you all doing this weekend? Anything fun? Give me a snap shot of your weekend...I like to hear from my followers & readers too!

     Be blessed...


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