Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pictures say it best...

     It's been a BUSY week! This is our first week of back to back cooking labs (vs. cooking in the a.m. and lecture in the p.m.). We were all a bit on the tired side today, but it has been a blast learning to make food that is not on the typical everyday plate...which is a good thing because most of the dishes the past two days have included eggs & dairy - VERY rich, but fun to make & taste.

     I'll let the pictures show our handiwork & adventures...crepes, pancakes, souffles, & omelets (not pictured).

Buckwheat Crepe with spinach, artichoke, & sage filling!

Chickpea Flour & Traditional Crepes with savory & sweet fillings!

More sweet & savory crepes.

Vegan Pancakes (left) & Whole Wheat/Flaxseed Pancakes (right) topped with fresh blueberry & peach syrup; & a small piece of a Corn Pancake topped with Tofu Sour Cream & Cilantro (top)
My dear friend & cooking/bike riding buddy, Alison!
Success! Our Spinach Souffle! It puffed up perfectly!

      Sometimes pictures say it best. Goodnight all...blessings! With Happiness.

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  1. I want more pictures with you in them!!! Yeah Chef Katie. I do the love the food pictures though and that Spinach Souffle looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!