Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My hodge podge of thoughts!

It's Wednesday! I consider Wednesdays beautiful days...they bring back sweet thoughts of special moments! :-)

So my hodge podge of thoughts...

#1 Have you done something healthy for your body today? Perhaps you went on a walk...did some resistance ate a piece of fruit or an assortment of veggies...maybe you did a few minutes of stress-relief turned down the treat at work...anything that made YOU a healthier person today? Pat yourself on the back if you did and if you didn't, no worries - tomorrow is a new day!

#2 The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine is doing a 21-Day Kickstart to healthier living starting next week. They will send out daily recipes, information on plant-based living, motivation from a variety of well-known doctors and many others, and much more! If you have been looking for a lifestyle that will boost your energy and allow you to begin reaching your optimal health, then I encourage you to check out the 21-Day Kickstart. No charge - just register to receive the amazing info! :-) And no, I'm not receiving any credit from pcrm for posting this on my blog - I just care about YOU!

#3 My new FAVORITE shampoo & conditioner - it's made from quinoa & amaranth! I only have a sample from one of my hotel stays, but it is phenomenal! A little too expensive for me right now, but I can savor the samples for the time being, right? :-)

#4 Nightshades! We've been exploring the nightshade family this week, which includes tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes (not sweet potatoes), and peppers. This family of vegetables contain solanine, an alkaloid. Alkaloids may impact the nervous system or joints and inhibit calcium deposit, which may cause cases of arthritis or osteoporosis to worsen. Therefore, be mindful of the amount of nightshades you consume. You may not need to put a total ban on these vegetables, but be sure to include a wide variety of vegetables on your daily plate. :-)

A Roasted Tomato Tart - roasted tomatoes tossed with lemon, garlic, salt & pepper
served over a cashew, dill, & chive creme and baked in a pine nut crust. Delicious!

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