Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Green Thumb...sort of...

     The past several weeks have included a great effort to complete all of my volunteer and externship hours for my culinary program. I have quite a few hours to put in so I choose to make every week, day, and hour count. I consider myself blessed to have a delightful nursery just around the corner from my house (only a 5-minute bike ride away) where I can put in gardening volunteer hours.

     It's About Thyme garden center has been so wonderful to me as they have allowed me to come whenever I am available to help water, transplant, and trim the plants. Yes, it is extremely hot, especially as I have to wear a long sleeve shirt to protect my skin from the 100 degree sunshine and jeans to avoid being eaten alive by the mosquitos!! However, despite the heat and mosquitos, the employees are so nice and the owner is always enthusiastic to teach me about the plants - I love it!

     Perhaps one day I will start my own'll see. Once I have my own little backyard where I can actually do this would be the first step!

Ah, the greenhouse - so full of life & beauty!

Transplanted some Rosemary - smelled absolutely wonderful!
     There is a special satisfaction and joy in volunteering. I've never done so much volunteering in my days as I have during my time here in Austin. I'm very thankful to have the time to have such experiences. I hope to continue assisting local businesses and organizations even after my hours are completed.

     May sincere giving never go out of can you support your community?

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