Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moments in Nature

     I count it a considerable blessing when I rise out of bed in the morning and have the ability to move! Movement is a key aspect in maintaining and regaining proper health ("move well, move often"). :)

     One way I like to celebrate my ability to move is by exploring the wonderful little hiking trails located throughout my neighborhood. I started out this week by enjoying a morning hike...these are the moments I captured...

Even a straggly looking tree can be beautiful in the right lighting...

I love cactus...perhaps because it reminds me
of the movie "The Three Amigos" :)

The kid in me...ah, the joy in climbing trees.
     When was the last time you put on your tennis shoes and went out to explore and enjoy the essence of nature? Why not take a stroll, climb a tree (with caution, please!), sing a song on your walk or just listen to the birds chirp their morning tune? Now if this all sounds a little "goofy" to you, then you may be one who could benefit most from it! Most individuals are very stressed and need to have an outlet. Fresh air, sunshine, and "extra" steps are fantastic stress relievers.

     I encourage you to take a few moments out of your week to celebrate your ability to move...simply go on a walk in the park or around the neighborhood, or just walk out to the mailbox to get a little kiss from the sunshine. Your body will thank you.

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