Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Workin' Out with My Little Helper!

     Although I'm not a mother yet, I do know what it's like to be around little ones for an extended period of time. And yes, sometimes it's easy to forgo the official workout since my little niece, Autumn, keeps me active. However, all women still need to perform strength training movements. So instead of turning on a kid show for her to sit still while I did my workout, I chose to include her in my routine. It's so much fun this way! Granted she is only 23 lbs, which is a perfect weight for this, but older kiddos love to dance around to upbeat music and do jumping jacks & squats too. Why not? Don't forgo your next workout - let the kids join in with you!

...and UP!
Some added weight to my push up!
Shoulder Press ~ baby style!
Chest Press Time!
The Butt-Buster - Seriously, pushing this car up and down
the hallway really fires up the glutes!!
Cardio Intervals of "Ring Around the Rosy"
     Autumn was such a great sport - of course her favorite part was "Ring Around the Rosy." I'll tell you what, if you spend the better half of your morning dancing & doing aerobics with a little one, they tend to take a nice 3-hour long nap! :-) At least it works for me...I end up playing in the kitchen and creating delicious, nutritious the one below!

GF Cornbread ~ Butternut Squash Vegetable Stew
...perfect for a rainy's almost fall!!

...get your body movin' today &
feed yourself nutritious whole foods every day...

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